Our Story

Over 20 years in the making, our well-established and notable community is engaged with its members and is honored to uphold its reputation as a premiere neighborhood in the Greater Prescott Valley Area

The tranquil setting of the central highlands is home to many wildlife, most prominently of the Pronghorn Antelope. And so, this master-planned community of 640 acres found its name and laid the groundwork for its unique influence in the greater community.

The vision for Pronghorn Ranch was born in the summer of 1998 when a land owner and his wife inspired by the remarkable beauty of the land, dreamed up a place to call home where one could feel the rich history of the American West while still enjoying a location relatively close to the conveniences of Town.

After several years of planning, Pronghorn Ranch’s initial opening took place in 2001 before its beautiful first Clubhouse facility was opened in 2002 and construction really took off in its earliest neighborhoods Quail Run, Spring Creek, and Big Sky. Since the completion of its first home, a priority of the community has been to offer a rich array of amenities at a surprisingly affordable cost. The all-inclusive nature and friendly atmosphere of the community are a direct result of this priority and they continue to contribute to the hospitality experienced by members and their guests.

Recognized as one of the most affordable and best managed homeowners associations in the area with a quality selection of amenities to enjoy, Pronghorn Ranch also provides many activities and annual events for its Members and draws the attention and participation of its surrounding neighbors. Development of these and other new amenities continues today with planned future additions scheduled to break ground this year.

The goals of the leadership in Pronghorn Ranch to provide excellent service and amenities at an affordable cost continue to be paramount in maintaining values and providing a safe, healthy, and robust quality of living for the Members in the Community.